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Read, share and explain your own mind

People ask, when we meet to discuss the project that is Better Biz Me Ltd – the app, platform, and software-as-a-service – WHERE IS THE RESEARCH?

I usually reply: “Oh well, you know. I’ve just been messing around for a few years, thinking.”

It’s not what investors want to hear.

So what I’d like to do today is reveal to you my own thinking: a little dense perhaps, rather TL;DR – and yet real.

As potential angel investors in my business, I would like you to read what I say, AND JUDGE IT ON ITS OWN TERMS.

Imagine I was clever, imagine undiscovered, imagine a flawed genius of sorts, imagine SO LEFTFIELD you could choose to be Decca or Parlophone … and all your previous experience was leading you towards being another Decca.

Well. I’m not the Beatles. But I am something special. And Better Biz Me Ltd is something special. And so is the desire to provide tools which allow everyone to read, share and explain their truths, not only to everyone else – also, goddamnit, to ourselves!

Here, in this PowerPoint, you can find the conclusions to the research I have conducted over 30 years. And the final rationale behind my mind-reading app – an app that makes the readers who read us … OUR OWN MINDS, THEMSELVES.