try before you buy

The AI industry doesn’t like to offer us small-scale, human-sized, little by little.

It prefers implementations which promise to eventually zone almost everyone out of the workplace.

It’s understandable: they focus on the one fear every CEO has. Not being able to deliver on payroll can become a monthly terror. So here’s their solution, monolithically without exception: reduce the number of people you have onboard, using boxes your competition can buy tomorrow.

Zero differentiation over time.

Maximum benefit for AI suppliers.

Better Biz Me proposes an alternative:

  1. Capture, evidence and make insightful, in human- and machine-respectful ways, the deepest and most powerful human thinking on the planet. Whose? Your own people’s: unleashed from decades of disuse.
  2. Expand, enhance, and upskill this capacity to think, so whatever your competition does in the future to combat your progress, the special individualities of your people and their cultures continue to shine through.
  3. Do this just once – and then find freedom forever, the Better Biz Me way.

Our purpose in Better Biz Me, more widely, is to identify the realities and truths of your workplaces, in a safe and supportive way, so that any eventual software implementation – if judged and agreed by yourselves and ourselves to be necessary – can be carried out on the basis of real customer journeys and evidenced pain points, properly prioritised and empathetically scoped.

Next steps?

If you mainly work with Europe, the US and/or the Northern Hemisphere, then please contact Better Biz Me’s lead solution consultant, Mil Williams.

My email address:

If you mainly work with Australia, the Pacific and/or the Southern Hemisphere, then please contact Better Biz Me’s co-solution consultant, Guillermo Williams Serrano.

My email address:

Alternatively, use the contact form below to tell us something about you and when is good for you to meet us.

Remember, with all other AI, your bottom lines depend on boxes.

With our AI, payroll pays for itself through your people.

Find freedom forever, the Better Biz Me way!