The Founder and driving force behind Better Biz Me Ltd, Mil Williams, is a postgraduate who in 2017 completed a School of Law MA at Liverpool John Moores University, UK. He spends most of his time in Liverpool, UK, where his business operates from.

His LinkedIn profile can be found here.

Content services, including proofreading

His company now offers a broad range of specialised copy-editing, proofreading, research, and original thinking services.

A particular focus delivers high-level proofreading services and grammar correction for university assignments, dissertations, and other research content.

For content from the technology world, see the Better Biz Me Ltd website

Longer projects such as books are also part and parcel of the company’s daily bread, both fiction and non-fiction.

Better Biz Me Ltd works primarily via email and video-conferencing, but can also meet clients face-to-face at its office in Liverpool, or if prearranged elsewhere in the UK.

The company works in many document formats.

Mil has been providing content services continuously and professionally since 2011, and has a university qualification in publishing from 2002.


An example of Mil’s work in the field of analysis can be found in one of his earliest assignments from the first semester, academic year 2016-2017, whilst studying his MA in International Criminal Justice:

Here, he uncovered how the concept of sousveillance – looking back at power – has been remarkably under-reported in the tabloid and popular press. He used quantitative and qualitative tools to scope the analysis, and reach his conclusions.

He has now refined this skillset, and is able to apply it to content aimed at both internal and external consumption, with the highest guarantees of discretion.

References for the above skillset are available on request.


Examples of Mil’s work in the field of research include the above-mentioned data report, an ethnographic assignment on the use of mental-health legislation for Criminal Justice purposes, and most importantly his 20,000-word dissertation:

His dissertation supervisor was Dr Emma Murray.

References for all the above skillset are available on request.

Original thinking

Original thinking is something Mil’s proofreading, analytical and research experience has informed over the past five years. Without data and examples from others, thought remains unfocussed and speculative. Such thought may have a long-term value of considerable proportions, but needs far more resources to become useful.

Meanwhile, a more structured original thinking – the tools for which Mil has developed during the MA in the academic year 2016-2017, and where profitable outcomes are more likely – is something he can now offer.

Effective teamwork is a given and a promise in Better Biz Me Ltd, with the goal of maximising outputs and final outcomes.

References are available on request.

If you wish to find out how Mil and his company Better Biz Me Ltd can help you with highly structured proofreading process, more complex analytical needs, medium-term research activity, and original thinking projects, please send us an email on: