Better Biz Me Ltd is scoping, developing and coding a new way of thinking. Its goal is to in-house and mine to the maximum the existing skillsets already being paid for in an organisation – whether this be a company, a charity, a security agency, a criminal justice environment, mental health, or dysfunctional families, to name but a few possible applications for the app, platform and software-as-a-service.

Already on this website you can see two presentations which describe the software’s application in the fields of business consulting, criminal justice, and neo-terrorism. All three involve capturing and visualising intuitive – arational – thought, high-level unthinking and subconscious expertise if you prefer, to deliver unique and shareable insights which help solve problems characteristic to each sector.

Where the Better Biz Me app, software-as-a-service and platform differ from other tools and approaches is in their focus on enabling you to read, share and explain your own mind better: anyone to anyone in any organisational structure.

On the basis of such capture and visualisation, and consequent processing of the huge amounts of data generated using artificial intelligence which is aimed not at replacing human thought but – rather – supporting and expanding it, it will become possible to take important change and other decisions with the same comfort that numbers and statistics allow.

Whether a business in change crisis, a security force tasked with protecting citizens on the street, a criminal justice agency, a charity in a multi-agency funding process which needs to present itself more effectively, or even a dysfunctional family which wants to communicate and self-repair better, Better Biz Me products will deliver an empowering way for everyone to read their own minds.

In so doing, it will become possible to choose what is most useful, constructive and productive to share with others, in social, open-ended, and structured organisational environments.