welcoming investors

workstreams to projects

Our business structure is designed from the ground up to be investor friendly.

We run a competitive internal marketplace of ideas.

An idea starts off as a workstream.

If it survives the cut, it becomes a project.

An example of a workstream which has recently become a fully fledged project can be seen in the slide-deck that follows.

The project is called “Crime Hunch”.

It describes crime’s biggest challenge – its so-called “dark figure”:

If your domain is criminal justice, or law, you will probably be familiar with most of the terms and ideas discussed. If it isn’t, you may feel bewildered.

If this is the case, you have every right to be. You shouldn’t want to invest in this project, unless you know someone who is knowledgeable about criminal justice and can guide you to an understanding of whether it is as sound and robust a proposal as we firmly believe it is.

But if criminology isn’t your thing, don’t feel it must all end there.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

your domain, your joint venture

Every sector on the planet lends itself to becoming a focus of Better Biz Me’s intuition validation. Wherever your expertise lies, we can work together to identify an application in a domain you will feel comfortable investing into.

In order to make this possible, we have bespoke consulting processes in place that allow us to identify the truth about your organisation or industry in respect of your very own intuition journey. Each person’s truth; each individual’s real take on what needs to be done to benefit everything from bottom-line rigours to staff retention and serious engagement in your sector of domain knowledge.

All we then need to do is determine the terms of the joint venture we create together, decide on the project or company structure most appropriate, and agree on the licensing terms which Better Biz Me delivers to your domain-specific vehicle, along with easy access to other philosophies and tools that will make it possible for you to begin to validate intuition in your domain of choice within 100 days.