Better Biz Me Ltd is scoping, developing and coding a new way of thinking. Its goal is to in-house and mine to the maximum the existing skillsets already being paid for in an organisation – whether this be a company, a charity, a security agency, a criminal justice environment, mental health, or dysfunctional families, to name but a few possible applications for the app, platform and software-as-a-service.

One of the most interesting applications is to use app and platform so victims of crime can present their own impressions – very often intuitive, and necessarily insightful – about what happened to them, and from their very own points of view.

Last year the Founder of Better Biz Me Ltd was the victim of a street crime. His mobile phone was stolen in broad daylight, in front of innumerable onlookers and in the absence of any security forces or backup.

This augmented reality reconstruction which you can see below is an overview of his reactions and feelings, in jocular tone, made some months afterwards and almost exactly on the same site as the original crime took place.