Better Biz Me Ltd is scoping, developing and coding a new way of thinking. Its goal is to in-house and mine to the maximum the existing skillsets already being paid for in an organisation – whether this be a company, a charity, a security agency, a criminal justice environment, mental health, or dysfunctional families, to name but a few possible applications for the app, platform and software-as-a-service.

Business consulting is ripe for disruption. Its model hasn’t changed, apart from the addition of PowerPoints to overview when delivering hard-copy reports, for nigh on 90 years.

Its costs to the client are multiple: expensive, privacy-unfriendly business relationships that allow the provider to learn more about their clients – yourselves! – than you ever learn about them.

Better Biz Me Ltd proposes a different model. Here we explain how it could work for you in the field of business consulting: by using our tools and platform, everyone will soon be able to read, share and explain their own minds!