John Forbes Nash Jr is remembered as one of the greatest thinkers of the 20th century. He was made media-famous in a film I conserve great affection for: “A Beautiful Mind”.

One of my long-term #ai projects involves demonstrating that Nash was right about what he was denigrated for sensing: something out there, like the whistle a dog can hear but most humans refuse to.

Nash was wrong to attribute the perceived to Russian spying and conspiracy. He was, however, IMHO, right to argue there was something out there that his SKILLSET, never INFIRMITY, allowed him to see; a something which his doctors were unable to admit.

In my judgement, Rosenhan got it right in the 1970s, too:

We forget – or choose to rubbish – Rosenhan.

He showed us, alongside Laing and Esterson, that schizophrenia was a gross misunderstanding of very many beautiful minds:

I am one of those minds: possessed of a skill, not ill. One day, I look to the moment that the studies into my understanding of #ai will show Nash, alongside so many others of his accusation, was utterly correct in his perceptions – and only wrong in his conclusions.

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