I believe nothing is irrational, and when I say this I mean there is a “why” which explains everything.

That we ignore it because we do not know or hide it because we find it inconvenient is a separate truth.

But the reality, either why, is that nothing for my universe and my belief system is irrational.

Similarly, if we can only conceptualise a way of validating all these apparent irrationalities, then human beings the world over – in a devolved and supportive sort of way – will collaboratively be able to begin to wipe out waste:

  1. The waste of banana left whilst finite life to rot on the dock.
  2. The waste of human genius, which whilst universal remains in truth a privilege for the deliberately limited few.
  3. The waste of a modern tech designed, not naturally but specifically, to enrich the few at the expense of the many.
  4. And finally, simply, the waste of using tools created by humans to reduce the number of planetary interactions they can participate in to those that make them extensions of the machine.

I don’t want to brake humanity with my software. I want to make it.

It’s easy to make money by monetising humans out of the value-adding frame, and making them simple suckling pigs on the body tech of concentrated wealth.

But easy equals the end of the species.

In the end, it does.

Actually, is that what we want?

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