I prefer to make money for a greater good: that of my own nuclear family and of a wider society.

But it must be Good Money, not the Bad most of you choose and love.

And I would rather lose everything I have, and even my shirt, by open-sourcing it for a broader humanity than fire-sale to people who will choose only to sit on it and keep it for themselves.

We are LITERALLY talking about the printing-press of intuitive thinking; and tbh, this invention – just like Volvo’s seatbelts – does in fact belong to the people.

It is THAT important and transcendental.


I promise you it is.


I know.

People cleverer than me accuse me of there never existing people in my projects. They are liars, those who have said this. They, precisely they, know more than anyone that my processes are aimed at giving free thought and genius to every human being; genius and freedoms the liars currently keep to themselves.

My projects only exist BECAUSE of people.

Bezos and Uber and so many others exist only to make money by eliminating people.

So even if tomorrow someone bought it off me and I could settle my crippling personal debts, you know what? I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t sell it to anyone. It’s going to be open-sourced whether bankrupt I become or not, and through this process of total transparency, it will become – as so many platforms and inventions before it – both a tool for grandeur and hate.

This is the main reason I have held back from taking this measure. I assumed those with money would see my value and NOT be waiting for a fire sale.

In this I was quite wrong. No value do they see in my being allowed to continue at all.

And so it is my turn to press the button of total access.

No alternative.

Painted awfully into a corner.

Let’s hope those of us who believe in grandeur are able, finally, to beat the wealthy hateful to the gate.

Gutenberg did. So did Linux. Copyright law, when it started out, created a hugely enriching public domain. The Volvo gift to life, their inventing of the seatbelt, showed us just as grandly the ways of Good Business.

Structures humans invent can be SO beneficial, too.

And it’s now, utterly, the turn of the printing-press of intuitive thinking: the platform of creativity which makes of us all, or of those of us who really choose, geniuses and fabulous thinkers of philosophical marvellous.

This is where I am now headed.

Tomorrow, in Chester UK, the 11th of the 11th, 2019.

Which is to say: 111119.


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