There are four people you meet when what you do is create – in REAL good faith – ideas that could disrupt the world for the general AND particular better.

  1. The first has no idea what you are talking about, and they rarely will.
  2. The second gives you the impression they are the first, but in actual fact will do everything they can to stymie your proposal. For they fully understand you, and the implications of what you might achieve; they see you, therefore, as a threat to their own very selfish interests: a threat which needs neutralising in as stealthy way as possible, as soon as possible.
  3. The third doesn’t quite know what to make of you, but they truly do learn to treasure you. They WANT to understand, in fact; they want you, often, to succeed without knowing exactly why you should.
  4. And finally, the fourth is the one who both fully understands – in that beautiful, sexy and so so desirable five-second penny-dropping way that good sexual encounter delivers – AND wants to help you make it come rapidly, fabulously true.

In all the places I have visited since C on Bloomsday 2016, it is the first three I have met; more precisely, generally number 2.

I now want 4. And I shall now go anywhere legal to get it. Because.


Footnote to this post: I didn’t mean “demoninator”, but now I think I do!


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