started out a while ago as a domain name I bought to drive a user-, consumer- and citizen-located self-regulating way of reshaping business practice and instincts.

The app I imagineered in a blogpost on my old and now defunct blog “21st Century Fix” actually became a negative idea in someone else’s hands: I think it was called “Boycott”, and defo NOT the focus I wanted to bring. I am a diplomat by instinct: I always want to achieve win/win as a matter of course. We are on this rock together, after all. We should ALL act accordingly.

Anyways. The goal was to use open- and other data sources to allow people to evaluate, rate and doublecheck, on the fly, the sustainability of any business model before deciding to buy; on using any online vendor before jumping in; any individual product or service; anything whatsoever that involved exchanging monies.

In this way, a Better Biz would be shaped by users AND businesses, in particular those businesses tied to bad practice by the inevitable conditions of their sectors, but strongly desiring to sustainably move forwards on the planet and our shared futures.

And a Better Biz equals, always, Good Democracy. And thus vice versa.

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