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It’s true, what Di Hutchinson pointed out: not everyone can find the beautiful that it is to be found everywhere.

Mebbe it’s because we assume that this attitude is mindfulness on steroids; and steroids when casually abused will never be beautiful at all.

But the truth is, you tell someone sad they’re sad because they’re bad, and neither bad nor sad will absent themselves from their lives.

You stop denying a harsh reality, however, and sooner rather than later that person will feel vindicated. And – apart from true and unconditional love – there is nothing able to deliver cool balm to troubled soul than the application of a bandage of vindicate.

We need vindication because it is wrong to say we are wrong when we are right.

I live by two principles:

  1. Nothing about us, without us.
  2. Truth before reconciliation.

Everything I write on these and other pages is infused by these two tenets.

Everything I am – and will be – is contained AND liberated by these eight, infinite, words of grand.

Have a great #sunday, whatever your belief system.

As long as your system is tolerant of others, and only inflexible in the face of others’ intolerance.

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