… or what I never COULD’VE expected

In #Croatia, the #US saw my value where my own country refused to.

And #Ireland was looking to re-broker that relationship all along. And so was C. And L somewhere along the line.

And J and D were looking to allow the ideas to develop, in order to rip them off.

But the US is a country of the long-term. The US knows the value of INDIVIDUAL brains; of INDIVIDUALITY; of liberty of NON-CONFORMITY.

Everyone knows my project is now nickable, but the US also knows – far more intelligently – that it could be pushed so very much further, and to real long-term advancement. And this advancement would be both #humanitarian AND #military. And actually because humanitarian, therefore military.

As long as the brains involved to date can be tempted over the Atlantic.

It’s no temptation. It’s an opportunity. And I hope it will be for Chris and Thomas too.

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