Good morning. Hope the Sunday will be fine for everyone.

Those of you who know me, know my desire to champion intuition. AI is a fab technology, or series of technologies, rather; but if not implemented carefully will satnav our innate ability to think with arational intelligence.

If we are to save the species from self-destruction, we must harness EVERYONE’S subconscious think. It’s in ALL our interests, no one excepted.

That’s what #betterbizme is about: solving very concrete problems with a globally sustainable focus.

This week I shall be discussing the commercialisation and future roadmap of the #situationalawareness #app I have designed alongside my tech partners here in #liverpool. It’s one foundation stone to a wider capturing and evidencing of this beautiful, fragile, hardy, vulnerable, accurate, and efficient thing we call intuition.

Enjoy the vid! 🙂

#assistrtech #notbigbrother

#liverpool snapped #justnow

#intuition #arationality #nosuchthingasirrational


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