The problem is #customerservice: the biggest problem of our day.

The biggest #tech companies care only about one customer: the customer who pays.

An example, at least true in this particular case.

I was talking with a #taxi #driver just now. The company he works for send him messages frequently, with a horrible tone. They take 25% of his fare. They call him out when he’s at home, telling him there are lots of fares in town. When he gets into town, he finds none.

The company in question loves its paying customers, grand. Everyone I know seems to use them.

I have never done so.

Not once.

The problem with the company in question, and so many others with a similar #siliconvalley #mindset, is not that they neglect the PAYING customer: rather, it’s that they refuse to look after the WORKING customer.

Yes. Life would change so very quickly, if instead of talking about workers’ rights, rights which few people care to stand up for any more, we talked about working-customer rights.

Now THAT would be a #disruption, worth witnessing.

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