No, of course not. But too many people give offence through their actions, quite stealthily, without taking ownership. They run the world, by doing so. They construct economies and laws so that neither criminal nor economic justice is to be contemplated.

This is causing offence by design.

My offence, ongoing and consistent and equally wrong, is in reaction to a massive crime committed knowingly by the above-mentioned against my person back in 2003, which could easily be remedied right now: a simple public apology would suffice, alongside the comfort that any work I do in the future will not be controlled by or be at the behest and secretive noblesse oblige of those who have wished to hurt me all this time.

I no longer ask for compensation. I just ask for a public recognition of the nature of the mistake, the following years of cover-up, and the now strong desire on the part of all those involved to not do the same to anyone else, ever.

I just want justice by a democracy I still believe can be good.

That’s all.

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