You do realise the strategic value of almost succeeding? Firstly, when the psychiatrist ever gets a chance in the future to ask you, “Why you? Why now? Why, really, in 2003?” … well, you can AT LAST point to what you almost achieved; and so demonstrate – that is to say, for the first time EVIDENCE – that if you HAD achieved your goals in disrupting modern #tech on behalf of #ordinarypeople, the individuals and organisations and interests you accused in 2003 of following and tracking you, and attempting and managing for a bit to drive you mad, really would have been – actually, truly, literally – threatened by the one man and philosopher of good modernity that you always have been.

And the three men who put you away in 2003 for being deluded will now be unable to deny the truth I propagated then in total good faith: that one man with a great idea is dangerous enough – to some status quos, anyways! – for a conspiracy to be formed around his person, his family, his life and career … and finally, primarily, violently, abusively, his reputation.

Because in almost succeeding … this is when the bad cannot finally avoid acting, and coming out into the open.

And this is good.

And today is better.

Thank you, my dearest #eleven. Thank you.

They are justly uncovered, and revealed, and delivered to the justice they most have deserved all along: their own internecine inhumanity to each other! 😎

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