Wanna know why so many pics? Because it’s the only way I have left me to channel my enduring anger at having been falsely imprisoned by the British, US and Croatian states in 2003, in a mental institution in #chester #uk. And my anger only increases.

It only increases, and it will only continue to increase.

In that year I saw #snowden ten years before he told us. And for that, I was driven mad by the security agencies of the above-mentioned countries, in order that #mentalhealth #legislation be used against me to shut me down instead of the far more relevant, far more public and reportable, platform of the #criminaljustice system.

And one of the three men who put me away was last year given, in the same city, a suspended prison sentence for the possession of 17,000 child-porn pics. For a short period he had even been my children’s and my family’s GP. He was also a mate of my father’s, the second of the three men who had me put away.

So a lot of unresolved issues, as you can see. No one to go to, either. No one. All PRINGADO, as the Spanish would have it.

And plenty, plenty of reasons to be immensely angry with everyone concerned. With everyone. With every organ of the state that exists. With every default rejection to re-investigate. With every studied step to hide and whitewash and destroy and dismantle lives. With everything that was done to me and my children and my wife.


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