In about 2014, whilst I was trying to create a space of Internet and web utility in #chester, totally in opposition to #siliconvalley’s narrative, a man called Marcus Evans met me in an independent coffee shop there, and gave me a subtle warning. He let it be understood that wealthy people of his acquaintance, and on whose part he was clearly acting as messenger, were watching what I was doing.

And they weren’t exactly happy.

I paid little attention at the time.

If I had paid any attention, I would have done everything but the suggested. I don’t take kindly to being threatened. Yer know?

But the interesting part of the story comes next. In hindsight, I think a lot of good people in the #entertainment #industry realised I was being fucked around, perhaps for many many years. And so they decided to reveal the #truth, in the only way a real artist knows: by showing the shit, never telling.

The #trap was set. The #bait was me. The narrative was to turn me into a #CEO in the image of the bad – or, if impossible, destroy me in the process.

Only you know what they say about #hippies, mate. You know what they say about hippies.

Ask me to choose between a #VC and a #weaponised #artist, and I TELL you it’s absolutely no contest whatsoever.

And no one, but no one, in the entertainment industry loves the men of money EVER.

Go to the #press, please. Go to the press. Dump this on the #Internet and #web, as far and as long as it goes. All of it. Every single word.

It’s time to show everyone the mafia they are. It’s time to, actually, show them up.

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