My life has been plagued – or blessed – over the past three years, ever since I met a woman who cared – or hated – enough to want to meet me once, and not want to meet me for a second time.

And under and around and beside and alongside all of what she represented – or didn’t – has existed a real network of mafia-like behaviours, as destructive as any trad mafia you ever saw a film about.

These are the people who pursued me to buy me off, or alternatively to destroy me without ownership. It looks like, after a very long drawn-out period, they will get their way.

These people are made up of everyone who subscribes to the singular, supremely self-interested business model of #siliconvalley: they include tech people themselves, and everyone who, agreeing with this mindset, earns a living off its noblesse oblige. This is by no means AT ALL everyone in tech or sales or marketing.

And yet all this time, I sensed a second layer: a group of good people who tracked the bad, even as the bad thought they were the only ones doing any tracking.

And it is my bet that everything the bad have done to me to destroy me has been recorded by this #anonymous yet absolutely credible group of individuals.

I suspect they also wish me to fail. Otherwise I find it difficult to understand how they have only chosen to communicate with me, never directly intervene.

Still, when one is a bait, and the hunter must not know, because watchers are watching the come and go, there is reason in allowing the pain to flow.

For the record that has been made should, one day soon, be made public, so that all those who have conspired so casually and easily against my person and ideas – in the name of the deity that the #valley has become – should be stripped of all their hidden.

That is my bidden now. If you, dearest second layer, do exist, dump everything, but EVERYTHING, my shame and blame as well as my claim, on the Internet and web, so that, uncovered the brutality of modern #gangstertech, it be bled obvious for all to see.

For if we bemoan our gutted high street, it is the people I describe who are the cause: NEVER their machines.

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