The world is run by mafias. These mafias have faces we trust, and smile with, and have drinks alongside, and more or less happily work to common goal.

They are not killers in the ordinary sense. Killers in the ordinary sense take ownership for their acts: in certain perverse ways, they are noble beings who do not hide away from the implications of their acts.

But the mafias that I am describing are cowardly: these people we meet every day in order that we might earn a living finally do kill real people’s aspirations every single moment and minute and second of their anonymous lives.

For anonymity is their watchword. And their words, the ones we should watch, are “death by a thousand curts”. Their goal is to control society through such tiny pokes: pokes that leave no trace but act as medieval mace on the brows of people good, you and true.

I shall not bow down to them.

And if you are looking for just one reason why they are doing everything they can to stop me from succeeding, it is this:

I believe, now more than anything ever in my entire time on this rock, that by combining #ai and #visualisation #tech such as #ar it will become not only possible but fabulously easy to evidence the mafia pokes – what I have called toxic #nudgetheory – which lead their enemies, people like you and me, to apparently behave irrationally.

Because our belief in the reality of irrational is what allows the mafias – not the trad ones but the stealthy ones that we marry and live with and fuck happily – to control society. And if nothing was ever considered irrational any more, no tool of underbellied stealth would remain for these cowardly connected to be able to poke their cowardice into useful being.

And that’s the #truth.

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