“The death of the worker in the 21st century” – a short #abstract #video, and #essay #abstract, in the way of a call to arms to ALL intelligent dwellers of modern community and city

Workers are dying like flies never did. Workers have become the shit around which flies thrive.

The flies are the #neoterrorist strategies, long designed by #tech to gut financially the global world of human neighbourhoods and regional life.

And where city government was once smart, now all we have are the cash cows of smart cities: SO smart that the wealth they generate ends up in pockets quite foreign to the people in working poverty they are shaping and scoping and making as per their wily, ever so wily, roadmaps.

But this brief essay’s purpose is not to call out the selfish: the mainly white men of eager young trampling ambition who aim to concentrate as much wealth as possible in as few hands of dirty as practicable.

No. The purpose of this essay is quite different: using deep neural networks, blockchain tools, and @betterbizme’s very own AssistrTech approaches, it is my suggestion – alongside that of close technical collaborators – that we create city- and region-wide circles of business and societal trust, that allow us – without the weighty, often clumsy, often so very pedantically slow paraphernalia of copyright, of patents, of NDAs and MDAs – to exchange ideas in progressive tech community, without fear that such ideas once publicised may be appropriated by foreign companies – or, indeed, erstwhile colleagues – full of legal ambush.

That is to say, using modern trust-focussed software and hardware tools, we will at last, at quite local levels, be able to share our ideas publicly and openly and, AT THE SAME TIME, be certain that their corresponding attribution and payment remain – in transparent audit trails of beautiful knowledge – ours forever to enjoy automatically.

That is our vision. A truly smart approach to a tech that finally benefits all communities, equitably.

And destroys the #neoterrorism of #siliconvalley forever.

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