A million-dollar #ai #research #outcome, delivered in #liverpool in less than twelve months, for under 50,000 pounds sterling.

That is what Better Biz Me Ltd, Quanovo Ltd, and CitrusSuite Ltd, all based in and from the #uk city and region, have achieved.

The only people who understood what was happening were those who clearly saw our direction before we ourselves reached the destination, and for so many poor reasons decided to do everything they could to stop it happening. They are not of one nation, but one tendency: rentier capitalists who nurture cash cows and economic inefficiency as bywords of their business behaviours.

In truth, the Better Biz Me #assistrtech technology which is now emerging delivers powerfully on singular opportunities for justice, empowerment, and a righting of commercial imbalances.

The only justification for a competitive liberal democracy and generally free market was to avoid the levels of normalised societal corruption which, sadly, we now have anyway.

It’s time we drove a new #industrialrevolution: the revolution of efficiency driven by #ai and #deepneuralnetwork oversight and reporting. And in its fabulous shade, the COLLABORATION of all humanity which will radically reshape the divide and rule of what we have suffered over the past two centuries: elitist competition in the name of opportunity, and the reality of poverties embedded as if inevitable.

None of the latter being at all true.

And they know it.

And they see what’s now coming.

And shiver they should.

And tremble they must.

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