After a Defence contract submission at the beginning of May, I have, with my two suppliers here in Liverpool, spent the last month cracking the conundrum of engineering an AI as intuitive as human beings, and avoiding at the same time the temptation to frame human thought out of existence.

So after sixty years of people trying, I think we have delivered on intuition, where millions of dollars previously failed.

What’s been done is a final scoping and validation via a thought experiment, which delivers on both the aforementioned goals.

I figure, now, ten months coding, learning, and testing before the first B2C to market.

All I need is serious investor interest. Am pitching to a local university last week of June, but all income and interest would of course be useful, and – equally – in consonance with my glocalist aspirations.

So if yous know anyone with an investment interest in AR and AI (deep neural networks, in this case), and who wouldn’t be inclined to – in truth – only want to stop the project from coming to fruition, I would love to speak with them.

Full 23-page slide-deck now available.

Looking forward to hearing from yous.

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