Who I am, and why I am getting in touch with yous

My name is Mil Williams. I am 56 (57 this Bloomsday). I was born in Oxford UK, live in Liverpool, and hold British nationality from birth.

I was speaking with someone this morning: I met them where I studied my International Criminal Justice MA in 2016-17, with a dissertation on the subject of surveillance, sousveillance and citizenship, in all their broadest senses.

As a result, I now have a particular interest in what I understand to be neo-terrorism, in particular in the fields of industrial and free-market espionage, and as perhaps committed by corporate bodies on individuals, small organisations and other groupings. I see these kinds of activities as a threat to British business and economic infrastructures, and therefore a national security issue.

Because of this interest, it was suggested it might be productive to contact people who might have an interest in these matters to arrange a meeting, or further explore a possible interaction in some other way, if it was felt it could be beneficial for both sides.

What I am currently delivering

My main occupational interest lies in a software platform designed to allow people to capture, share, evidence and store intuitive/arational/symbolic thinking, so that terrorisms which have yet to take place, or are taking place but remain undetected because of their digital origins, can be better identified, scoped and contained, especially in the context of mafia-like communications and coercions where symbolic language, often challenging for legal structures to codify and punish, may be having a toxic effect on the British economy and its civic society.

To this end, I delivered a proposal, with related technologies, in early May of this year to develop an app and connected AI engine (a bespoke deep neural network), which if successful would be engineered with the financial support of relevant parties.

This proposal would make it possible for members of the public to easily capture, in real-time, their own feelings about and responses to shared infrastructures, in order to create a safer, more secure and more responsive set of spaces for everyone involved.

The decision on this submission will be taken this summer.

One of the things I would like to explore in the future

In the meantime, personal experience and simple observation since 2016, whilst I was working between Liverpool and Dublin (for the moment I am concentrating all my efforts in Liverpool), has helped me coalesce a thesis about long-term neo-terrorism designed by interested parties – in particular, parties with significant economic interests, negative for the UK – to impact on the lives, development and trajectories of concrete persons of interest. I am beginning to suggest that certain tech-related organisations use predictive tools, in combination with big data strategies and approaches, to identify new tech-related actors and thinkers who might be useful for their businesses in the future. This in itself is legitimate, and not the focus of my explorations. The potential for a downside emerges if the actor/thinker/technologist/student/worker doesn’t align enthusiastically with the vision of those described. It is my thesis, at this stage still only anecdotal and unproven, that where onsiding is not achieved, neutralisation will be the considered alternative.

My ask

It has been suggested that this thesis – based on the stealthy, covert use of difficult-to-legally-codify, and therefore difficult-to-punish, intuitive, arational and symbolic communication and coercion – and as an example of a long-term type of neo-terrorism on the individual, might benefit from a further discussion between those who may have experienced such advances, and those already experienced in a multitude of kinds of terrorism.

I would love to be able to have the opportunity to meet with yous one day, at your convenience, in order that we might discuss this idea of neo-terrorism, especially as conducted long-term on individuals, who given a freer rein might have contributed hugely to the UK economic infrastructure, in ways difficult to quantify, and whose participation may be being stymied systematically by large tech organisations and interests from other countries, to the detriment of the UK’s native economic development.

I would be looking, first, to explore if this matter was of interest to yous; and second, if so, what part I might be able to play to facilitate further investigation of such potential terrorisms.

I have already proposed to others that perhaps a PhD on the subject might be a good first step, and I would be more than happy to discuss myself the virtues or otherwise of my delivering a proposal for one. But as I am also involved in integrating software that uses symbolic thought-capture and deep neural network processing of the outcomes, using AR and AI suppliers native to Liverpool, just as easily an expansion of my activities in this area could also be a fruitful avenue to explore.

Either way, I would love the opportunity to meet and discuss these and related matters with yous.

Yours most faithfully,


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