There’s a ghost ship which strides these lands of 21st century community and nation-state destruction from without: the extraterritorial destruction #siliconvalley surgically applies to everyone else, as per Bill Patry’s famous reference to the Melian Dialogue, the power of tech, and our need as its servants to accept its unassailability.

And this ghost ship is made up of people who once were grandly, or would in the future wish totally to become where barely before, SOMETHING in IT.

And these ghost ship sailors, crew and passengers both, are on the lookout for an iceberg as big and wreaking as the Titanic’s. And they look out for it either to prevent it from damaging definitively the little and modicum business model that currently keeps them afloat, in what we might nominally call their own lands and communities (not that they are generally VERY loyal to anything except their self-enrichment), or, on the other hand, to spring daringly from the ghost ship and ride the mentioned berg madly but, perhaps, messianically, even correctly, to the regions of polar splendour still existent in our universe.

This iceberg equals and represents the next killer application of IT: from VisiCalc onwards, and maybe cool shit before too, there have been pieces of software that have literally turned oh-so-carefully planned worlds upside down, and overnight; and have done this SO dreadfully, wonderfully, irrevocably that lives have been lost as much as gained.

And behind these applications, there are individuals of sheer genius: absolute and total genius, I say.

And the sailors of this ghost ship therefore spend their precious lives deambulating emptily, as they aim to rise to the challenge of that iceberg which may destroy them – or may finally make them.

This means identifying the geniuses behind is so important. And it makes controlling their thought and movements – physical AND intellectual – a key priority: a priority of a brutal survival the geniuses do not clearly see at first. They are but children of naive, enjoying THEIR ride.

And so for Silicon Valley, and its wannabe hangers-on, this is what these killers in potential are seen to be – assassins in-the-making of whole businesses of currently costly endeavour. Assassins either to be brought onside in no uncertain terms, or utterly neutralised: neutralised without ownership or apparent cause, but neutralised as effectively as if a visible and criminal bullet to the head.

This has happened to many good people in the last fifty years. I know this from auto-ethnographic experience, and gentle observation. As a result, I am now scoping and developing software and philosophy to uncover, share, evidence, process and make admissible in a court of law the micro-expressions and micro-events that the world of micro-computing has used from the beginning to control a democracy of potential ascendency which – as a terrible result – never HAS been allowed to raise its beautiful head.

I SHALL evidence what you have been doing. And I SHALL ensure its stream of contrastable, recordable and shareable evidence becomes admissible in courts of law across the rock.

Count on it.

Count on it, because Peter Levine is my hero.

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#billpatry #peterlevine

#gooddemocracy always

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