Where we stood, before

My project is slowly moving forwards. Intuition was how it started out. Just, plainly, me seeing Snowden ten years before, and being locked away in a mental asylum for a month, without trial; not only because I saw what I shouldn’t’ve … more importantly, because I was honest and open enough to admit I couldn’t prove it.

That’s how all this started. Not out of love for a woman: out of love of natural justice.

All the times, too, that I, as an intuitive thinker, had been knocked sideways, out of the frame, away from the centre, into the long grass. No one in business likes the long grass. Long grass is for cows, and not precisely the ones who get shit done.

I spent a long time, most of my life, being manipulated by people who knew I knew and was aware I couldn’t evidence.

A man called A___ met with me a number of times whilst I lived in Chester. He once asked me if I liked children. He used invisible quotes to frame the question. I have no fucking clue why he asked me that question.

On possibly the last occasion we met privately (though, as always, in a more than public bar, and in the presence of others), we discussed the roadblocks that life seemed randomly to be sending my way at the time. He grinned that evil grin of his: “What an exquisite cruelty that is!” I smiled, and again had no fucking clue.

This, from a man who chose to ingratiate himself with me by once telling me, early on, I was the only person he trusted in the city.

You simply don’t believe that sort of conversation, nor ploy. It’s so clearly a psychological game, for some goddamn reason.

I have spent a lifetime of such conversations, without being able to evidence my impressions to the satisfaction of anyone who, otherwise, without my background of trumped-up schizophrenia, might have been gently predisposed to hearing me out.

Where we stand, this minute

And so we come to now. And what started off – in Ben Simpson, Angela McClelland, Dawn Paine, Ruth Hartnoll, Chris Morland, and Thomas Gorry’s more than capable collective teasing-out of my original ideas – as an intuitive thought capture-app, perhaps interesting but not much more than that, is now far more developed and intriguing: morphing philosophically and practically, as it is, into a fully fledged micro-expression and micro-event capturing, evidencing and investigating tool, aimed at properly and profoundly busting – perhaps for the first reliable time in history – the symbolic methods of communication and coercion used by mafias.

The mafias I mean, sincerely

When I say mafias, you will automatically think of dead horses’ heads.

But that’s not the mafias I have experienced.

Mine smile in a country I fell deeply in love with, for its culture of fab and of eloquent artistic codification.

Mine drive nice cars, but not excessively nice. They do things not to be noticed. And they use and promote tech not to make a better world, but to make a better world for a privileged few.

They’re the mafias of Wannabe IT I wrote about earlier today: and by its cruel determination, it becomes the IT of Justgottabe Me.

It makes us feel change is inevitable, and here they are right. But they deliberately obfuscate the reality of its nature: for in the “how” we will always have a choice, if we want to.

They just say, however, if you disagree with us, you’re a reptile.

Choosing choice, of course

So, of course, I now choose choice. And ask you to join me, too.

I want to deliver on all the proposed iterations for the intuitive thought capture-app and deep neural network engine, as suggested to date: from an in-housed business consulting to Health 4.0; from security, counter- and neo-terrorism applications to the gentlest and most supportive versions for a much better ongoing mental and societal health; from advertising, sales, and marketing to the biggest and most money-generating industries of pleasure-time; from the triage and exchanges of high-level domain expertise to the hunches of police officers and detectives, fighting an evermore sophisticated cyber- and digital-informed organised crime.

All of the above can be delivered, once the deep neural networks and their architecture are unlocked. My Liverpool suppliers – skilled in emotion-capture and AI-processing – are a key and intrinsic part of the development process: both intellectually and philosophically as well as technically and technologically.

But I want now – after the neo-terrorism of some tech organisations in the past two or three years, applied so clearly against not only my person but also my reputation and my business security – to be able to extend the reach of Peter Levine’s Good Democracy: that sacred civic balance between inclusiveness and efficiency.

The plan, never closed to new ideas

I would like, as already mentioned, to do a PhD in neo-terrorism, in particular in relation to symbolic communications delivered using modern information technologies.

I would like, once completed, for this to lead to a specialism in the matter, at university level, with a long life-cycle, and expectations of serious, legislative impact.

At the same time, and running parallel, I would like all my collaborators, if they are of a mind, as well as new people and countries of solid allies and similar thinkings, to engage deeply and willingly in the scoping and development of the SaaS platform and app under discussion. This software, if properly designed, will mean those who use symbolic communication shabbily to destroy lives rather than ennoble them can be rigorously denounced and reported by their victims. These victims will, perhaps for the first consistent time ever, be able to:

  1. capture what they believe they perceive;
  2. share it visually, and tangibly;
  3. have it processed, compared, contrasted and stored so that criminal justice agencies and systems the world over can begin to identify these stealthy tech, and other, mafias which have been operating for what – in my judgement – reaches back at least fifty years;
  4. receive natural and legislative justice – and so begin the lives of free democratic growth, development, business and real thrive they always deserved – which a much more sophisticated and attentive criminal justice infrastructure and narrative will be able to deliver, through the increasing use of the proposed AI of deep neural networks.

What my collaborators and I propose is that these deep neural networks be used to expand human capabilities, not substitute human thought out of the frame. Some AI proponents always wanted to monetise people off the rock. In fact, they have been wanting to do so – and claiming they will – from the 1960s, maybe before.

We are still here. Machines and humans, both

Conclusion, for the moment

Let’s not throw in any towels. Let’s just say: “Humans are great creators; deep neural networks are great informers; let’s put the informers and creators into a synergetic partnership, unbound by prejudice and a dated, unnecessarily historical, musty and tawdry ambition.”


So finally, my ask

I am looking for the following, to continue the project as it needs to be done:

  • Two partner organisations: one, a university network; the other, a corporate network. The condition: both must have cultures of absolute belief in open and sincerely honest communication, where such frankness is never punished.
  • They must be comfortable with the project lasting at least twenty years: the goal is to install the figure of neo-terrorism, particularly as delivered on the individual, into as many criminal justice systems as humanly possible, and as quickly as possible. It is absolutely essential, therefore, that everyone is aware we must aim for profound legislative impact.
  • The dynamics amongst all partners must be collaborative and synergetic. All organisations, small or big, must explicitly discard predatory ambitions via contractual obligation. Ingenuity and creativity thrive on diversity; they do not on fear of disappearance.
  • The Better Biz Me Ltd business model is not that of start-up to be sold off in five years’ time. It – or the organisation that takes up the reins – is here for the at least twenty years proposed.
  • The first product to market will need nine months’ development and testing. If as hoped, the development process will begin in the summer. If not as hoped, in any case as soon as possible.
  • All proposed iterations deserve to receive funding, and all iterations will benefit from the original deep neural architecture when developed for the first version out of the stalls.
  • The project currently dearest to its Founder’s heart is that which aims to allow victims to capture, share, evidence and store examples of symbolic communication and coercion, carried out by mafias of all kinds. We use the term mafia in its loosest sense possible: with the power of corporations as defined by their reserves of wealth, they often may have more reason to act outwith the strict blue lines of the law than the more traditionally understood mafias. This assumption may, of course, be an unfair presumption which needs calling out. The only way to call it out is by evidencing the contrary.

It would be lovely to drive this as far as it might go. It deserves to go this far. I would like to help drive it. But I am humble enough – without wishing to presume such humility – that collaborations beat single thinkers, inevitably.

So let’s collaborate.

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