A trigger phrase, real trigger for me, is the one that says: “No pain, no gain!” It’s SUCH a trigger for me, even though I know many people believe it in real good faith. ‘Problem is that it gets hijacked by people who don’t think it’s good to expose ONESELF to pain in order to gain a better body, a brighter idea, or a finer lifestyle in the future; no, what they’re really interested in is hurting OTHERS in order to control them better.

Its propagation, almost propagandist usages, allow SOME of those who declaim it all the time to create systems and philosophies of massive business and multiplied life that serve to IMPOSE on others an OBLIGATION to HURT in the most painful and destructive of ways.

Just figure this: a man or woman loses their job, their livelihood, their ability to keep the elements off their children’s heads, and food in their beloved ones’ bellies – and not only loses all this but is encouraged to believe themselves to be at fault for their loss. And then we may one day, far too late, see it’s all because someone thousands of miles away designed a strategy long ago, behind boardroom – or garage! – doors, to deep-excavate, almost rape, wealth from communities across the globe, by designing software constitutions that only make the already rich infinitely richer.

Change is inevitable; it’s nature defo isn’t.

I repeat myself, I know.

It deserves repeating.

And now you no longer even have retail to keep you afloat. All that’s left you is the gloat of the rich as they count your ever-increasing poverties. As they wonder – fascinated and joyful, of bad – how they cracked it this mad: so you’d prefer, always, a device of a thousand over a good meal at six.

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