Someone asked in my presence recently: “How do you revive last year’s spirit?” I didn’t answer them: first, I didn’t want them to think I was eavesdropping; second, in any case, you can’t; and third, really, terribly, last year was so shit you wouldn’t want to revive it anyways.

When you’ve been bullied as I have been, so consistently, so cruelly, so knowledgeably, so lawlessly, you just know there is nothing to revive.

I will never now give up on using artistic thinking patterns to give ordinary people the software capture, visualisation, and evidencing tools to break as many mafias as possible.

From the tech industries in both their documented bad and their currently undocumented stealth to the more traditional ways that gangs and lords of local turf have been using to deliver control over helpless neighbourhoods, it HAS to be my mission in life to drive this forwards.

And that is what it shall become.

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