I saw this book in Blackwell’s, Liverpool today. For a while, without realising it existed, I have been writing about the concept of #neoterrorism – in particular that directed at the individual. I feel this book has to be talking about the same.

In fact, I have suffered it myself – mainly in Dublin, Ireland, over the past three years, but increasingly as I limit myself to Liverpool and the surrounding areas, it has begun to happen over here as well.

I firmly believe it has involved conspiracy by people who approached me as potential clients of good faith; as possible investors of solvent face; and as people and organisations with general interests in so many of my philosophies and projects.

The ante was upped when I applied for a considerable defence contract not long ago: stranger things started to happen around and about me, designed I feel to imperil the continuing survival of my personal self and company entity.

And especially re the most recent project: make it possible to capture #human #intuition and so evidence it, to the satisfaction of any court of law, using tools of #deepneuralnetworks in collaboration with these subtle and symbolic ways of thinking.

The consequence of such detection tools being developed would be that stealthy and toxic #nudgetheory – applied to engineer such neo-terrorism – could be uncovered much more easily: it would be possible for us to prove our perceptions of #microevents much more convincingly, and therefore undermine the powers of such corporate – and more traditional – #mafias.

I believe many people and organisations which have had occasion to interface with me over the past couple of years have been tempted by such dynamics. I believe the latter are currently so ingrained, so systemic, so aggressive, no one can fully escape their grasp.

And so it is why, now, I wish to dedicate the rest of my life to developing a university school of neo-terrorism, as a driver of much more democratic societies, everywhere. For tech is beautiful, when beautiful it is. But when it is pure profit, it becomes anything but pure.

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