Three things I would like to do:

1. Set up a law school whose focus shall be #neoterrorism, particularly on the individual, in modern globalised and technological societies, with particular reference to the toxic misuse of #nudgetheory.
2. Develop software tools which will allow human #intuition of such neo-terrorism to be evidenced, one day to the satisfaction of any court of law anywhere.
3. Drive ongoing research into the practice of #human-#AI collaboration, with particular reference to how such increased interactions will affect #legalcode’s ability to identify and typify new #crimes and totally revolutionary ways of thinking and communicating: and specifically, where – through their novelty and unexpected uses of AI to deliver their outcomes – they may even escape detection over considerable timeframes.

Three things I would like to remain:

1. #British, where I may continue to be proud of my country’s historic openness to new ideas, new peoples, and valuable, informing and intelligent traditions.
2. #Happy, because John Lennon thought this was a good idea too.
3. #Inlove with the most beautiful thrive I have ever stumbled across, for the rest of my life.

Not much more, tbh. But it’s a start. No?

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