Our democracy would be unfit for purpose, even if it wasn’t deliberately and willingly gamed. We have no time, after attempting to reach end-of-month, in order that we might actively participate. For to participate, we need space to think. And that space is denied us. No thinking-time, no democracy of real.

It’s time to change this: we need a different way.

I am driving the development of an #AI-informed #intuitioncapture machine.

The initial applications suggested have been in the fields of #neoterrorism and #counterterrorism; in #businessconsulting; in #mentalhealth; and in #marketing and #advertising, amongst others. But whilst all the above will be pursued vigorously with the goal of delivering an equitable and finally more HUMAN society, one new application now comes to mind which before did not even imagine itself.

All voting systems which to date have been designed to replace paper ballots only repeat the same hyper-primitive “yes/no” approach of the black pencilled cross against a candidate’s name or a party list.

What if, instead, we began to vote on the basis of capturing and evidencing our most intuitive, intimate and subconscious thinking, in order that the most unmediated responses be processed, filtered and assessed? No half-truths; no politically-massaged porkies; no professionally-engineered or media-shaped obfuscations of the masses: simply, only, justly, the truths about exactly what the populace feels on absolutely any subject under the sun.

And why.

To be presented by transparently understood AI, and evaluated by the best human thinkers in political and social sciences.

As democracy stands, it clearly badly falls. The corporations of transnational lobbying own our societies and deliver much zemiological pain. This they do deliberately, in a wholly calculated way, and with surgical precision.

It’s time we devised a truth machine fit for democratic discourse. It’s time that truth was prized of – was prised from – ALL the participants of this beautiful life.

It’s time to do all this.

It’s time we did.

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