Visiting, volunteering, studying and imbibing, since late 2015, FACT Liverpool’s ways of colliding art, tech, people and place has given me the confidence to flower my software project aimed at capturing and evidencing intuitive thought.

Art can change the world, if we choose not to paint or film or sculpt or architect with it but rather, far more imagineeringly, THINK with it.

A totally otherworld example of how artists can vigorously impact on the real, hard-nosed, business world of SUSTAINABLE bottom-line can be found at the link below.

I met the artist responsible at FACT about a year ago now. All too briefly; but totally blown away by his vertiginously promiscuous psychosis of the everywhere wise.

I don’t mean psychosis as in mad or even mildly dysfunctional. I mean it more as now I am achieving myself: not even thinking out the box. Simply, no boxes I care to believe in at all.

Silos don’t exist in Yoshinari Nishiki’s world. As in the psychiatry of Laing and Esterson, there are some alleged facts of life we need to start denying as aggressively as we conceive possible!


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