#liverpool seen, sensed, struggled with and finally #understood

When they size you up to be a CHOCOLATE-BOX city only – with true grandeur for the visitor and tourist but no BRAIN-JOBS for the residents – you wonder why.

I was recently told two things:

1. No one in Liverpool who has real money ever bets on disruption: on the disruption that makes futures different and so RICH for the intelligences and places which MANAGE to bet.
2. One of the biggest property developers in Liverpool has given up on the region as a digital force, preferring to funnel everything of that nature to nearby MANCHESTER, and so make of Liverpool simply the city of tourism fab.

When I heard this, I refused to believe the wisdoms being expressed. That is to say, a) I couldn’t believe such homegrown money lacked so much in BALLS and foresight; and b) that the developer was right to have decided thus.

But now I have begun to reluctantly accept that the man who told me these things both, the same man, a man from Liverpool whom I am wealthy enough to be able to call a good friend, was right on both counts. And worse, that the developer in question actually, sadly, seems to know what they are talking about.

I am sorry, so sorry. I cannot move mountains, only SOULS. And there comes a time when you can no longer help those who will not help themselves.

I will remain as a resident of this wonderful city for the foreseeable, but if the money, the real money, says “Nay!” just one passive-aggressive moment more, I shall look immediately elsewhere for the future of HUMONGOUS digital.

No threat.

Not even a promise.

Just a bewilderment.

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