Had the very best, innovative time of my life today, in a place that serves to make it clear that human beings and tech can be human, indeed.

Change is inevitable. The nature of that change is not.

I’ve been signed up by Alder Hey NHS Foundation Trust to participate in their innovation programme for SMEs. It’s the best thing that’s happened to me in my life so far. The initial meeting with Hannah Randles was one of those moments when you realise SOME people, and therefore their institutions too, understand COMPLETELY the requirements and frameworks essential for truly disruptive innovation: disruptive not as in Rand’s Silicon Valley but as in (r)evolutionary shifts in favour of regions, community, the individual, AND a fab broad diversity.

Alder Hey, its Innovation Hub, its peoples all … demonstrate like no other space I have ever engaged with, none I swear, absolutely none, that we CAN take charge of change and fashion it to include, efficiently. It doesn’t have to concentrate wealth in distant pockets.

And the wealth of a parent and child exchanging smiles as they repeat-visit their hospital of grand, with joy and effervescent anticipation both, is the wealthiest tech of all.

We SHALL disrupt in health, business organisation … so very very much.

And be human as we do.

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