The below article comes my way via David Ainsworth who I follow on LinkedIn. Personally, and business-wise, I have always been engaged more by the hows of life than the whats. Of course, both are actually just as important as the other.

But making small tweaks to big challenges does deliver results. It’s a nano-technology approach: technology more as in Foucault than Silicon Valley.

Why I am so interested in capturing and evidencing intuitive thought: that is to say, high-level domain expertise.

The frustration that builds up anywhere in all thinking peoples when you just KNOW how something NEEDS TO CHANGE, and you don’t share a common language with the policy- or decision-maker (nor they with you), contributes greatly to both a wider frustration in, and degradation of, the workplace … as well as serious issues being left unresolved.

Two of the real problems that, in health in particular, I am looking to resolve with the intuitive thought capture-, visualisation- and evidencing-platform we are developing at Better Biz Me Ltd.

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