The Guardian publishes a report on what British democracy now formally describes as #digital #gangsterism:

‘A digital gangster destroying democracy: the damning verdict on Facebook’

I myself experienced what I have described as #neoterrorism in #dublin #ireland recently. But digital gangsterism will suffice, if that is the term we prefer to use more widely.

In this parliamentary assessment of – in this case – Facebook’s multiple violences to our democratic discourse and practice, wider conclusions about #siliconvalley and its cavalier relationship with democratically elected legislatures since whenever can be drawn.

My own experience of the Valley’s terrorism against my person, specifically the Dublin manifestation of it, and more specifically the one-bit coat-tailers who lap up all instructions to kowtow to the overarching narrative, will one day have its rightful revealing. In the meantime, my digital home shall lie – lie in the sense of truthfully, frankly, sincerely! – in #liverpool and its region: you never abandoned me, even when there was a time I kinda did you.

For this, I always shall love yous. Always.

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