More than anything else, the events of this evening have convinced me my mission must be one, and one only: to bring into Liverpool, the city that has changed my life, the richest and wealthiest of futures of ambition and aspiration.

I shall continue, with all my efforts, to strive to deliver a software publisher based in the region, whose business structure shall remain focussed IN PERPETUITY on enriching the whole of Liverpool and its immediate surroundings; and this, I repeat, for the foreseeable.

And this publisher shall have the primary mission of enabling the voices of those who have suffered the kind of abuse which I – clearly enough – have been exposed to, whilst at the same time generating the wealth that this grand city has always deserved to be able to spend: first and foremost, I mean, on its fabulous peoples.

My mission, therefore, is simple: use my brain to make the Liverpool region the wealthiest in Europe.

Whatever the final outcome of Brexit.

And despite the many rats which are now choosing to leave this beautiful ship.

For by their final leaving, they leave it suddenly far more intact.

* Footnote and background to today’s post:

“Brexit: the opportunity”

I am convinced that we need to grasp post-Brexit with ambition. It will be hard, it will be fraught with distrust, it will be riddled like Blackpool rock with localisms and strange prides – prides that may yet lead to our fall; but tbh, I begin also to realise it’s a fabulous opportunity to start from scratch in many aspects.

I have started to put out feelers to people here in Liverpool, whose business acumen and humanity both I value about as highly as any human being might ever of another, in relation to a project of future whose shape I have nurtured very very close (uncharacteristically for me) to my deepest thoughts and drivers for a very long time.

I have long admired the Guardian’s Scott Trust as a business model:

I admire it because in its three iterations its philosophy has continued to be to advantage the newspaper and its projects – its liberal and proactively progressive engagement with modern democracy, culture and diversity – by protecting it from hostile takeover bids which those who already control much of the world’s tools to edit and distribute reality would otherwise make.

My proposal? A Scott Trust for a Brexit-framing software publisher.

More in the months to come.

Attribution: gallery photos taken recently at the #brokensymmetries exhibition at FACT Liverpool, UK.

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