What we can offer each other:

  • Be financial partners
  • Be tech partners
  • Be philosophical and intellectual partners
  • Be strategic partners
  • Be connectors for each other with an ever-changing world
  • Be builders of grand designs and better delivery
  • Disrupt to share not concentrate wealth: when I say share, I mean the resources should go through as many good-faith pockets as possible as they circulate rather than sit
  • Disrupt to create a new and radically tech-based democracy of the 21st century: a Good Peter-Levine Democracy of inclusion and efficiency
  • Disrupt to protect the good from the objectively toxic, in people, politics, business, and thrive
  • Divide to embrace: act strategically and discretely, but never noxiously
  • Be positive never negative in our approaches, messages and belief systems
  • Use technologies which build in trust
  • Use trust to create more trust
  • Use all this trust to create more society everywhere
  • Enjoy our achievements, and evangelise kindly
  • Be compassionate; understanding where possible; and flexible but firm
  • And finally, never underestimate the power of prejudice as – at the same time – we always value the beautifully contradicting wisdoms of a very human recapitulation, and redemption
  • And one final final thing: be always #friendly – never #naive.


#glocalism of the good sort, not #tree

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