Supposition 1

Large corporations defend their interests without exception.*
Mafias act in the same way.
Sovereign governments will do no less.*

Supposition 2

The tools and tactics of street spycraft, where people are tracked, and – using principles of nudge theory – encouraged to commit to certain, often subliminally absorbed, behaviours, are available to all the parties mentioned in Supposition 1.

Supposition 3

We have the most intelligent generation of people, young and old, at the moment: as a result, primarily, of a decade and a half, perhaps more for some, of Internet and web access.

One assumes, where the interest and motivations exist, that the above-mentioned tools and tactics of street spycraft are available just as strategically to the young and old, the extraordinarily ordinary, as to those who consider themselves part of the controlling elites.

Supposition 4

Let’s assume that a lot of now highly educated people, young and old, from all walks of life, and all political and religious belief systems, unite – for some reason and in some way – in order to use everything the elites have used against them since time immemorial, but in particular since the advent of a supremely connected global village, in order that they might be able to counteract the violence of such neoliberalism.

This they manage, without the elites being usefully aware of what is happening.

A sting is therefore planned.

A concrete narrative is devised.

Everyone works under the cover of sophisticated encryption software available for very low cost in a totally legal way.

The parties mentioned in Supposition 1 think they own the turf, still.

What they don’t realise is that the victor, by force of pure intelligent thought, size, distribution, and motivation has won the war before they go to war.

Supposition 5

Let’s finally suppose that the neo-terrorism, conducted by the neoliberals for decades against sovereign citizens, subjects, states and other organisations, both business and political, finds its match in the assisted realities devised, designed and delivered by these new actors on what has been the global stage of subliminal and, more often than not, malicious nudge.

Only thing being that these fab people of AR aim, instead, to defend not an evermore constricting status quo of the greedy but expand our current existences in the direction of a future of societal collaboration: a society of efficiency which is driven – by philosophical inevitably and definition – through the innate efficacies of inclusion.

* It has to be admitted that not all of these interests may coincide.

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