The business proposition and USP

Everything You Know But Cannot Prove

The stories

The Christmas tale of a lost widget, a missing timeline – and a Wayback Machine which won’t

To the neo-terrorists of bad tech: “Your time is running out”

Being a winner

Neo-terrorism: the other face of Snowden

The research now to be conducted

The dialogue

Why, since 2016?


Who for, since 2016?

The press.

What investigating?

The #neoterrorism of #siliconvalley.

Did I know?


Did I suspect?


Is this my place?


Would I have wanted it any other way?

No way.

And the future?

More of the same, Alan. More of the same, Ewen.

The best A&E I ever did have.

Time to publish.

Time to be damned.

Time to do right.

Mil Williams, Liverpool, 20th January 2019 (and thx ever so muchly, Jack Wills)

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