The lesson I have been taught re money and biz is the lesson AR et al learnt most painfully, and almost disastrously. But in this case he reacted: the best laid plans of men, women, genders all, and mouses of all colours and sizes … then never did go awry.

Yeah. Maybe Membership in its grandest iteration was a challenge too far, but you never know what you seed with the things you perceive to be failures.

What drove Membership as a space, to be finally abandoned for, probably, all too understandable folk memory of hard times and almost bankruptcy, was the importance of human contact: human physicality. The neoliberals of Silicon Valley would prefer our continued dehumanising. And by dehumanising us as they do, we become – equally – mere neoliberals, in poor aspiration and ambition. No wonder they almost won.

But with 5G now on the horizon, with human tech and a rightful place for machines in partnership still possible, with the power of hindsight to begin at last to drive our foresight, disruption will become a tool for us to use in favour, instead of that awful tool for them to use against.

We shall disrupt as they once claimed so vociferously they would – but never, never, did.

Disruption can’t exist where money refuses to circulate opportunely and equitably. And its refusal to circulate isn’t Mother Nature at play, but something far more artificial than that.

It’s time we chose to see.

We are the change we want to be … and be this change, we must.

* The beautiful man at the top of this post is my eldest son. I have three beautiful children, each as beautiful as the next. I make no apologies for using his photo. He is becoming an actor of grand. The middle one, a screenwriter of massive technique and huge creative delivery. And the youngest, a powerful academic and film-maker of memory: hers, mine and yours.

In a text about the future, it is fitting I should mention my children. Everything I am, everything I did, everything I failed so sad, makes sense because of their entity.

It’s true you know. Our future lies in our children. But not our future any more. Our future-present, please.

Always our future-present.

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