This story on neo-terrorism conducted on the individual – were it ever to be written – would need to be drip-fed by the media, the most mischievous, over weeks.

I would get a lot of dirt thrown at me. I would be prepared for this dirt.

I have one killer argument: I have suffered (though not me, uniquely) the first terrorism in history which was happening whilst remaining undetected by a lay society. Even, perhaps, by its object.

It has been employed as a tool to the following ends:

  1. Used complicity by some in the medical profession to further their careers and maintain their personal freedoms.
  2. Perpetuated by our own security agencies as a tool for UK delivery of security agendas; and by others, to undermine legitimate Western business, democratic and national interests.
  3. Most tragically, used to destroy specific individuals and people of all races, belief systems and genders, about to enter public discourse or on its fringes (and thus relatively unpractised in defending themselves psychologically from its sustained impact) in such a stealthy way that they themselves could only believe they were going mad.

The manual of instructions of this neo-terrorism is actually a piece of popular culture: the film “Gaslight”. Sadly, only too often truly, showing a privileged man abusing a woman so subtly as to escape detection and attribution.

But this post is not about abusive men or abused women; it is not about good cultures or bad; it is not about belief systems that kill versus those that happily instil.

No. This is a story about motive, means and opportunity. And most of all, the weakness some human beings act out when faced with opportunity in its unlimited form.

For all of us may do better or worse. But few will be unredeemable.

Maybe they are here, then. Maybe in some way. Maybe only gently: a violence of casual that the world kind of joyfully accepts.

Or maybe it’s just the frame.

Frames maim just as much as they illuminate.

This should never be forgotten.

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