I am now back in Liverpool. On reflection, the neo-terrorism I suffered over the Christmas and New Year break in Dublin could happen anywhere. In my case, because we live in a connected world, it happens where I go. It isn’t attributable to any country, because neo-terrorism is not the product of countries: it’s the product of interests.

Who, then – or what? In my case, my USP for Better Biz Me Ltd’s intuitive thought capture-app/SaaS platform is that it gives to everyone, all right-thinking citizens and organisations, the tools to enable them to share – and finally evidence – everything they know, have known; but, to date, have been cruelly unable to prove.

Just think. A world where every wrongfully imprisoned criminal could prove why wrongful; where every victim of crimes of the powerful could demonstrate clearly their own experiences of neo-terrorism; where any company in need of understanding itself better could resort to its own salaried staff instead of outsourcing the need; where marketing, advertising, and sales could suddenly be in-housed; where big egos could suddenly understand each other sharply and precisely and unambiguously, in the fields of sports science, top-level management, politics and business in general, all; and where powerful parties could no longer weaponise mental distress.

Where consultancy became ourselves. Where we, ourselves, began to run, in a self-repairing and hugely devolved way, the show they used to run for us.

Start to perceive the USP in its full and beautiful reality. And then the BUSINESS models it threatens, not the nation-states, not the nationalities, not the symbols themselves which have been used against me … those who use these business models currently … they – my argument – are the real interests behind the neo-terrorism I have suffered recently, and will surely continue to suffer.

For they will never give up, but until we are free … neither shall I.

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