This post introduces Better Biz Me Ltd’s proposed micro- and macro-strategy product lines.

Taken from some notes made on my Google Pixel XL first-gen smartphone this morning in beautiful Bewley’s Café and Restaurant, Grafton Street, Dublin.

The photo and video were taken in the Tram Café near the Jervis Shopping Centre, also in the same city.

1. I am interested in creating agreement around using tech to re-engineer society.
2. I don’t like nudge which directs. I am an evangelist of a nudge that enables.
3. Our engineered environments need both to be facilitating of Peter Levine’s Good Democracy, and protective/defensive of the same. This means inclusiveness and efficiency need to be in constant and productive tension.
4. I have two projects in the pipeline, each in need of significant funding and technical expertise.
5. The first one I have made recently public: an intuitive & symbolic thought capture-app/SaaS platform. It would have applications in combatting neo-terrorism, in explaining and empowering people who touch/are touched by criminal justice and mental health systems, in sports science and other team and motivational contexts, and in making more creative and effective sales, marketing and advertising processes, especially where in-housing dynamics would be the overarching approaches.
6. This most public project is a micro-strategy to deliver a better democracy in all organisations and at all levels. It looks to take advantage of our arational sides, where high-level expertise is usually deliverable by anyone – though more often than not is difficult to share efficiently.
7. The second project is a macro-strategy. It has not been a public project to date: I have only mentioned it to my closest collaborators, though the concept and idea itself could have been gleaned from many writings of mine over the years.
8. It’s a much broader proposal which is aimed at delivering Levine’s already mentioned Good Democracy. Using tech of all kinds, professional practice & practitioners, and citizen-experts various, as well as taking advantage of the trust infrastructures that blockchain could now engender, the goal of this macro-strategy is to make Western liberal democracy’s 21st century iteration the only governance of choice anyone would ever choose in the future.
9. The platform in this case would be open source, freely available as a technology in both philosophical as well as technical, implementational, maintenance, and upgrading senses.
10. It would create an environment of an enabling nudge, not prescriptive, that would properly allow democracy to flower, without having to resort to the brute force of the misnamed liberal interventionism (there was nothing liberal about it).
11. The two project strategies, micro- and macro-, would be intimately connected in their marketing, development, expansion, support, and delivery.
12. The first to market – we are talking about six months to code, and six months to implement the SaaS platform and backend – is the intuitive and symbolic thought capture-app.
13. The macro-strategy would involve sympathetic nation-states, states of national regions, cities of sufficient size to be interested, and other organisations including educational, political, and business. It would therefore take longer to set up, though in the light of Trump & Co, Russian intervention in social-networked & street-based discourse, Cambridge Analytica, and the Brexit campaigning scandals, maybe sufficient minds might now be concentrated enough to reach structural and funding agreement more quickly than one might otherwise anticipate.

In all the above, goodwill infuses everything we do. But where those who wish to work with us do not show the same fascination to include, and treasure and value difference, and be respectful to all voice, and if possible to all opinion, our collaboration will stop. Those are our values, and that is the condition.

The above video shows two numbers which destroyed so many of good-thinking people’s lives: all our lives, in fact; all, in so many ways. Ways which continue to destroy. Ways which destroy on mad continuum.

It also, however, shows one number, my beloved thirteen, which has become the most fortunate three hours of my life.

The #betterbizme projects – both micro- and macro-strategy – wouldn’t exist without it.

Mil Williams at peace with a grander than grand Ireland of the inclusive, 4th January 2019, Dublin

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