Better Biz Me Ltd’s values include:

  1. Being positive and evangelical about good glocalism, understood to mean that good practice can be found in big and small, and bad practice similarly so. Neither small nor big should necessarily gain our approbation or disapprobation, simply because of the size we perceive.
  2. Proactive in fighting total surveillance – and its socioeconomic outrider, neoliberalism – as counterproductive to optimum and efficient societal organisation.
  3. Assertive in attributing goodwill as the default setting of human beings, always. It is our position that where this goodwill does not exist, the environment is to blame and needs modifying, not the people.
  4. To this end, our software tools will focus on empowering – in particular – people who find themselves in positions of extreme stress in order that they can explain to others their reasons why, as well as be able to evidence such explanations to levels of clarity where criminal justice, mental health and other existing systems will have the comfort – will be able – to take reparative and constructive actions on the basis of such evidence.
  5. Finally, Better Biz Me Ltd will always sustain a company-wide philosophy which values all genders, all races, all belief systems and all ways of thinking, on one condition only: that each of the above elements and individuals accepts all of the others in exactly the same inclusive manner. Where an individual employee or employer of the company struggles to achieve this, and wishes to change their behaviours, free education and training in company time for the period necessary will be offered. Where the individual sees no problems with their behaviours, their contract and relationship with the company shall be ended in accordance with existing practice as laid down by national and international laws.

Mil Williams, 3rd January 2019, Dublin

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