The grammatically correct version! Oops … sorry about that. It was a very stressful video to make, is all I can say in my defence.

I made this video in the Blanchardstown Shopping Centre Starbucks, Dublin. It brings together a lot of academic thought from the past two years, but also other thought from the last fifteen.

It is Kafka-esque to say the least when a government presumes one is bound one day to be guilty – this, after all, is the assumption that justifies total surveillance in the first place – and yet never brings you to a public court to defend yourself from such an accusation.

In a sense, then, and thus the reason for the video, habeas corpus is not being observed. Our body sovereignty does not exist, we cannot avoid being examined from all sides and all places, nor avoid suffering the state of permanent criminal. Accusation but no opportunity to defend. A crime in the making always, an innocent never to be seen.


A video about the deliberate hijacking of national and international law.

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