There are plenty of bad people around, plenty; they give the impression of being representative of the majority. They are what creates prejudice. Prejudice just means prejudging, but the term is not helpful in order that we might properly appreciate the whys.

The why of prejudice is not necessarily an absence of fact: it is in the being aggressively encouraged to extrapolate out of very real experience a truth, an event, something which has happened or continues to happen to us.

In my case, vulgar Slav-speakers are following me around and speaking very loudly in my presence: this is typical and well-documented KGB-style spycraft, designed, in a Western democracy of free speech, to legally intimidate the subject.

And so I conclude all Slav-speakers are as vulgar as these.

But it cannot be true. It just feels this way, because powerful people want me to feel it.

In 2002, in Croatia and Spain, and then in 2003 in London, I saw Snowden ten years before Snowden. And I told the British authorities, and they imprisoned me without trial for a month, and drugged me to the eyeballs, and for a long time deliberately changed my personality through such drugs.

But actually, I saw more than Snowden. Snowden did us a service in many respects: unbridled power without democratic oversight is not only morally bad, it’s economic inefficiency writ large, and a recipe for corruption and national collapse.

Where Snowden was unclear, dreadfully and shamefully unclear, was in not underlining that where the state doth tread, the private sector – ie organised crime in the guise of mafias multiple, both criminal and corporate – hath trod many years before.

In 2002 in Croatia and Spain, and in 2003 in London, I saw not only Snowden ten years early, I saw what Snowden was unable to even identify: that whilst state repression of the kind he described is dreadful, the mafias of corporation and crime will have started much sooner, more aggressively, and much more resourcefully.

I suggest, then, a common aspiration: all good people are on the side of natural justice. Let us set that goal as a shared one.

WHATEVER our culture was, WHATEVER pride befell us in the past, reboot!

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