When I came back from Spain in 2003, I was knocked sideways by the control-freakery of 5-a-day eating habits, propounded by the Labour government of the time. No one in Spain ever needed to be told to eat lentils or chickpeas or tripe or offal various, or snails or prawns or crab, or fruit or vegetables of any kind. They just did, as a matter of culture.

Here (or rather there, for I am currently in Dublin Ireland, my favourite nation and city), the UK politicos proceeded to proscribe certain behaviours in the common populace whilst continuing to stuff themselves – expense- and lord-accountedly silly – in the House of Lords and Commons.

Hypocrisy never came hard to British politics.

Myself, I believe in culture, not laws; in the governed, not the governors; in shade, not shadow; in thrive, not survive. And I always, now, will.

For me, #ar – or if you prefer, #assistedreality – will liberate us completely from hypocrisy. Not out of fear of being found out, but out of the joy of finding out: about ourselves, about those families we choose to be with, about those friends we prefer to keep, about those ideas that will remake the world and this wondrous rock in our image and book.

A world without hypocrisy. This is what assisted reality will achieve. And much much sooner than you think. Believe me.

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